When you are online:

    • Instant identification image (snapshot): at each connection, you must take a snapshot of your face in order to verify your identity. Make sure it is clearly visible and recognizable in every photo. This instant ID image will not be added to your gallery or available to users. Its use is internal.
      • Explicit close-ups to snapshots are not allowed: explicit close-ups refer to an instant photo taken from your chat applet, either manually or automatically, during a group chat or with a visitor privately.é.
      • Working as a couple: if you want to connect with other people ( your partner for example ) they must be registered on your account as participants. Other people can only join your show once their participation has been confirmed. However, they cannot appear alone on the webcam or log in alone on the account of the model to which they are affiliated. Be sure to select your attendee's name each time they connect with you. Please also ensure that the entrant's face is clearly visible and identifiable in the Instant ID image.
      • Behavior on freechat (free chat): On Free Chat, you can quickly show off your boobs or give your visitors a "taste" if you think they'll give you a virtual gift or start a paid chat to see more. We strongly advise against regularly appearing naked in free chat as this will negatively impact your earnings.
      • Don't ignore freechat users: if a free chat user greets you, you should always reply.
      • Recommendations for Private and Group shows: in a private or group chat, visitors wait and pay for an erotic show. So be sure to provide them with an erotic show that meets their demands, based on what you have indicated you are willing to do (click on My Profile - Profile, under My On Demand Shows, which I am ready to do). Please tick only what you are willing to do on demand from the list. Of course, you are required to respect our rules at all times.stant.
      • Leaving the camera view while online is not allowed . Please log out if you need to leave, even for a few seconds, as you must be present and ready to show on demand at all times.
      • Using your phone is permitted as long as it does not affect your attention to your visitors.
      • Eating or sleeping (or pretending to sleep) is prohibited: if you are distracted or seem so annoyed by your visitors log out. Exception : when a user accepts that you eat during a private chat.
      • Closing a chat with an admin and behavior towards our teams: our admins may contact you when you are online. A /Xmodels tag accompanies the messages of our team members when they enter your chat. You will also notice that their messages are written in green. Admins only contact you in case of force majeure. So make sure you don't close a chat with them, kick them, or log out while they're on your chat, so you can resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Your account may be suspended if you close a chat with our admins until you log into the support chat to resolve the issue.e.
      • Be respectful and friendly! Treat your visitors with respect and be friendly. Don't exclude them from your chat, except in exceptional circumstances (if they continue to be extremely rude after several warnings and/or when they disturb other visitors, for example). It's in everyone's interest to make users happy and stay on your chat. So please only exclude users in moderation. Likewise, always treat other models with respect, the way you want to be treated. Our site must be a safe and pleasant place. So please use webcam chats for flirting and chatting, rather than quarreling.
      • The use of faeces and urine is prohibited
      • Exchange of personal details: it is strictly forbidden to exchange (websites, phone number, email address, skype, whatsapp) as well as all other personal contact information exchange applications)
      • Dating and Prostitution: Offering escort or prostitution services is strictly prohibited. You should never respond to such offers. For example, proposing a meeting in real life is strictly prohibited, regardless of whether the visitor offers you money in exchange or not.
      • Do not chat with minors: If a visitor indicates that they are underage (under 18), you must immediately stop chatting with them, exclude them and notify the incident to support.

      Profile rules:

      • A person can only have one account on our site: models cannot have multiple accounts at the same time.
      • Use only photos of yourself on your profile: you and only you (or your participants) can appear in your photos.
      • Respect the language choices on your profile: for example, don't write English over a Spanish description. Please only complete your profile in a language(s) that you speak fluently (do not use a translator). Make your profile interesting to visitors. Remember that it is by reading your profile that they will choose to join your show or turn to another model. Write sentences rather than meaningless expressions such as xxxx or”.
      • Use good quality photos! the photos you upload must be of good quality (in landscape format), reflect your personality and highlight your assets. No text, nicknames, GIFs or badges should appear on your photos. Photos of poor quality or on which appear unregistered people, as well as all images violating our rules will be refused.
      • Security of your account: don't give out your username or password, and don't let anyone use your account. As the owner of your account, you are responsible for its security and for all events that occur in front of a webcam connected with your account.
      • Soft and explicit: a photo is said to be soft when it does not show explicit sexual content. An explicit image shows genitals, erections, sexual acts (such as fellatio, cunnilingus, penetration, ejaculation, etc.) and female nipples. The same goes for videos.s.


      • Visitors expect live entertainment: it is therefore forbidden to broadcast pre-recorded videos. If a model is caught in the act of violating this rule, he will be excluded from our site, without the possibility of re-registration.
      • Asking your visitors for money is prohibited.
      •   Live show: involve a minor, whatever the form: showing a child or an animal on the webcam, intentionally or accidentally, and broadcasting an audio recording on which a child can be heard is strictly prohibited. Any model violating this rule will be immediately excluded from the platform.


           If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us